Production of strawberries occupies third position according to the importance and extent. Strawberries produced in Serbia are known for their rich red color and its ability to sustain fresh flavor even after freezing and processing. The most common variety grown in Serbia is Senga Sengana, because they are adaptable to the growing system without plastic mulches and irrigation. In recent years, newly introduced varieties: Clery, Elsanta and  Alba have shown excellent results. Large amount of strawberries are sold at local market as fresh, but also exported as frozen.

Strawberries contain a range of nutrients, with vitamin C heading the group. They also contain significant levels of phyto nutrients and antioxidants, which fight free radicals. These antioxidant properties are believed to be linked to what makes the strawberry bright red.

Packaging materialPackage weight
PVC bags in a five layered cardboard box10-14 kg
PVC bag in a five layered cardboard box4x2,5 kg or 2x2,5kg
Plasticized two layered natron bag20 kg
PVC or PE bags*300gr - 2,5 kg
*Private label possibility