Serbia is one among the most important producers and the biggest exporter of raspberries in the world. High percentage of dry matter 8-14%, extraordinary taste and smell point out many advantages in quality, application and technological value of raspberries. Thanks to its properties it has become a national brand of Serbia.
The most cultivated variety in Serbia is the Willamette variety from North America. Other raspberry varieties cultivated in Serbia include Meeker and Heritage.

Mainly deep frozen raspberries products requested from market are:

  • Rollend quality – IQF, raspberries 95 % wholes 5% broken
  • Bruh quality  – Deep frozen raspberries 50% wholes 50% broken and crumbles
  • Deep frozen raspberries crumbles
  • Deep frozen in freezer plates
  • and other according to customers requirements.
Packaging materialPackage weight
PVC bags in a five layered cardboard box10-14 kg
PVC bag in a five layered cardboard box4x2,5 kg or 2x2,5kg
Plasticized two layered natron bag20 kg
PVC or PE bags*300gr - 2,5 kg
*Private label possibility