Logistics services

All member companies of Elixir Group Business system are strategically, administrativly and logistically connected. They are located in the cities on the banks of the rivers Danube and Sava – traffic arteries of the region.

The factory Elixir Zorka is located in the Estern zone of Šabac, on 98th km of the Sava river waterway. It has the port for loading and unloading of cargo ships as well as a long tradition of using the Sava River as waterway. A contemporary traffic artery runs along eastern zone wich is connected to regional roads M-19 and M 21 wich are further well- connected to the highways E-70 and E-75. A railroad runs through the entire complex wich is connected to the railway network of Serbia.


A very important logistic juncture represents the Port of Prahovo with reloading capacity of over a million and a half tons per annum wich ensures receiving and reloading of various types of cargoes as well as all important raw materials necessary for the production of mineral fertilizers wich arrive by the Danube via the Black Sea harbors.

A well developed railroad infrastructure is also an important factor for the logistic connectivity of member companies and transport of raw materials and final produsts.